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At Warehouse Discount Center we believe buying appliances should never be challenging and expensive. On the contrary, we like to make it fun. We understand selecting kitchen appliances can be much more complex than other household appliances. For instance, the refrigerator has to run continuously. That's why, it's important to know how to pick out the right appliance. We believe appliances are investments and should also be treated like investments. We have done our best to provide you the best sorting tools to narrow down your searches to your ultimate appliance. For example from Cooking Tab above choose Ranges, and then Gas Ranges. Notice on the very left column you can sort by price, type, brand, color, size, and many other features.

Recently an interesting consumer report survey of more than 22,000 readers showed that local independent retailers such as Warehouse Discount Center meet or beat the big boys on selection and leave them in the dust when it comes to good, old-fashioned service. In the consumer report survey, subscribers' overall satisfaction was based on experiences of buying more than 30,000 large and small appliances. Savvy shoppers rated us as best overall for large and small kitchen appliances, and for good reasons. We topped our scores for selection, service, and checkout ease, among other areas. We are also among the best for low prices, which are the biggest draw for most shoppers.

When it comes to the best large appliance deals, Warehouse Discount Center beat all the competition. If you are shopping for smaller stuff, no one matched us on price. For variety and selection, none of the largest chains matched regional retailers for large appliances or for small ones. Shop the locals. As Consumer Report Ratings show, it’s hard to beat your neighborhood retailer if you want attentive, knowledgeable salespeople.

Buying new quality major appliances at discounted prices is possible and it isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Often, life events prompt these purchases, so speak to one of our appliance or plumbing specialist in store or online.

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