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9033C200-415 American Standard INAX SATIS 9033C200-415 Integrated Electronic Shower Toilet with Remote Control

Model No: 9033C200-415

American Standard 9033C200 INAX SATIS 9033C200-415 Integrated Electronic Shower Toilet with Remote Control with Automatic open/close seat. Heated seat comes with 6 different temperature settings. , Deodorizer with replaceable cartridge , Warm air dyer with temperature control , Two independent self-cleaning water spray nozzles for front and rear cleansing. Water control settin , Two nozzle water spray for front and rear cleansing with strength control, massage feature and cus

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Inax Satis 9033c200-415 Integrated Electronic Shower Toilet With Remote Control

This Spalet Electronic Toilet 22" Floor Mount Bidet is now an opportunity for pampering and rejuvenation. Designed with your individual comfort in mind, it provides not only an enhanced hygienic experience but an ardent sense of self-indulgence. Feel the sensation of superior cleanliness and soothing self-indulgence. The daily ritual of visiting the bathroom has been reborn.

This is an elongated electronic bidet seat with an integrated SpaLet toilet and it offers all the bells and whistles, which you can operate with a remote control!

deodorizer that reduces unpleasant odors and traps it within the toilet bowl with the help of the Air Shield technology, a heated seat that offers comfort especially during the winter season when you would need all the warmth that you can get, a lid that opens and closes automaticallysaving you from all the inconvenience and back pain, a temperature-controlled warm air dryerthat reduces moisture, leaving you a cleaner toilet. The easy-to-clean and hygienic nozzles positioned for front and rear spray offer added comfort as it takes into consideration the specific needs especially of the ladies, a night light that welcomes you as you approach the toilet and also illuminates your path, and many more.

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