Our 6 Favorite 2017 CES Gadgets of the Future!

CES 2017.


Did you know the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show aka CES is taking place in Las Vegas right now? CES is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is stepping up the game this year in revealing all new and fleshed out gadgets. Homes everywhere will soon be swayed by what seems like sci-fi tech.There are so many cool and fun futuristic smart home gadgets and appliances on display at CES 2017, but here are our Favorite Six Smart Home Appliances for you to check out now.

1. Samsung Unveils Laundry Game-Changer at CES 2017 with a New Four-in-One Laundry System.


Looking for the newest high tech laundry pair for your smart home? Samsung has brought the game to a whole new level with their front AND top load washing pair. This dynamic duo comes jammed packed with features such as FlexWash™, SuperSpeedTM, PowerFoamTM, and Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT). Designed with the busy home in mind these features will make sure the kids grass stains, wine stains, and those ever present underarm stains are lifted effortlessly, while keeping colors crisp and white bright.

2. Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed


Coming home from a long day at work? Fancy a pre-warmed bed to comfort you as you relax in front of the TV? The Sleep Number 360 mattress can do that and so much more. The mattress can read biometric cues that can correct snoring, warm feet, keep track of your sleep patterns. This technology can pinpoint sleep-related disorders and clue the consumer in on what measures to take to ensure the perfect rest.

3. LG OLED TVs Rolls Up Like a Piece of Paper

Paper thin TVs? Unlimited viewing options and placements? LG OLED TVs have outdone themselves. These TVs are sure to blow your mind, take a look.

4. Whirlpool’s Alexa Enabled Line of Smart Appliances


Fancy an entire lineup of smart appliances? Whirlpool is ready to offer the consumer a brand new line of appliances with everyone’s beloved Alexa. “Though it’s been making smart appliances for a while now, Whirlpool announced its biggest lineup yet at CES 2017: 20 models — including fridges, dishwashers, wall ovens, ranges, and microwaves — will be Wi-Fi-enabled. Voice-activation will also be standard.”

5. Kuri


Who does not love a personable robot? Fancy one that can keep tabs in your home, communicate with your smart appliances, and even send you updates? Kuri has a camera to play nanny while you are away. It can also mimic and respond to your facial expressions, making Kuri quite adorable. It builds an internal map of its surroundings as well, minimizing bumps into furniture.

6. Samsung Electronics Unveils Family Hub 2.0


Ready for a new and improved Family Hub? The Family Hub 2.0 has a simplified interface making commands a breeze. Samsung is also offering the appliances as a built in option to appeal to space saving consumers. The new family hub is sure to impress!

CES is one of the most exciting times of the year for both manufactures and consumers. We are thrilled to have been able to attend this year and bring you our top picks from CES 2017. WDC always puts the customer first, and thanks you for reading!