New Feature: The Laundry Wizard

WDC Kitchen & Bath is proud to announce that we designed a new interactive product wizard for washing machines.

The short questionnaire guides you through the often difficult process of shopping for washing machines. There are so many questions you need answered to make sure the washer is even compatible with your home. Our Washer Appliance Wizard will do that for you. You can choose to Include Tips to learn, or skip ahead to the questions.

The wizard finishes by re-routing you back to the washing machine page, but this time it is pre-filtered for only the washing machines that will fit in your home. From there you can tweak your price range, select only your favorite top appliance brand names and more. We also made a Measurement Cheat Sheet for Washers. You can download and print this sheet to assist you in-store to find appliances that match your requirements.

Need a human to help you shop for new appliances? Use our Free Appointment Scheduler instead. You’ll get a 30 minute call at a time that works best for you, to answer any washing machine questions you may have. We can also apply any available discounts for you over the phone!


NEW: Measurement Guides for the Perfect Fit



Once the plans are laid and the perfect appliances are picked, usually the last thing we consider is, “will it fit?” While you may have your heart set on specific models with a certain look, it is possible you have not considered making enough room. Those old appliances can be quite smaller and shaped differently than the newer improved appliances that you are considering to buy. Our Warehouse Discount Center Measurement Guides will ease this process and allow for a much quicker installation.

Here at WDC we care about the success of your appliances. We want to ensure you don’t incur any additional costs and headaches dealing with returns or having to make adjustments to your space. So, we created individual Measurement Guides for laundry, dishwashers, and refrigerators. These guides take you step by step on how to measure your kitchen and/or laundry space correctly. It is important to take into account height, width, and length of each appliance. Make sure to look around your placement area and note any obstacles or impediments. For washing machines, this measurement is critical especially if you will be purchasing the optional pedestals for front-load washing machines. If your new appliances need to be plugged in, make sure the correct plugs are located nearby.

Please visit our Measurement Guide page where you can review and download the guides applicable to your purchase.

A measurement off by as little as 1/4 inch can turn the excitement of your new purchase into a major inconvenience. Double-checking your measurements will help you with a smooth purchase, delivery and installation of your home appliances. These measurements are not required, but these Measurement Guides will allow you peace of mind in purchasing the correctly sized models to fit in your home. We care about your appliances and want you to have the best experience possible. As the old saying goes; measure twice, buy once!

For more information, questions, or concerns please visit one of our 7 Southern California locations in Agoura HillsBurbankChatsworthMoorparkOxnard, Santa Barbara, and Torrance. You can also call 888-487-2298 to chat with a specialist or contact our online support between the hours: Mon – Sat 8:30am to 5pm PST.